Light Your Organization on FIRE!

We all want the best from our people. Great leaders want the best for their people. 

The climate and culture of a company is indicative of the leadership. In today's world we hear about the "vibe" of a business or group. What is that? Does it matter? If it does matter how do we develop a "vibe" that is exciting and rewarding for all stakeholders?

 Organizational climate (VIBE) will be reflective of the organization's culture (ATTITUDES and PERSONALITIES) of the team. It can be faked for a while but as with any “decoration” it is cyclical and will go out of style. To have an enduring VIBE you have to have an embracing CULTURE. Your organization needs to be on FIRE.

·       Forgiving - people are less likely to operate outside of the box in cultures where failure is punished. There is safety in the box. We want everyone in the box but you have to get out of the box to be different and outpace your industry. 

o   Question to ask yourself: Is the risk the failure worth the potential gains of the effort?

·       Informing -Does your team know the what and why? As leaders we love to share the how and when but rarely the what and why. If our team is to take ownership and develop autonomous behaviors then they must know how they and their efforts fit in to the big picture. It is also important they know the score?

o   Question to ask yourself: Do you think it is important to know the why? the score? 

·       Reminding - We all have a skill set that allowed us the opportunity to serve in our current roles. Sometimes we forget what we know because we get lost in the how. Our team falls into this pit also. We need to remind ourselves and our team the how will come if the what and why is clear. When chaos ensues it is important that we rely more on focused activity then frantic and erratic motion. The key to being focused is to remember you are in your role because you now how to handle these situations... Deep Breath. Focus. Plan. Execute. 

o   Question to ask yourself: Have you ever panicked about something only later to realize you had all the tools you needed to win?

·       Encouraging - You can get more with a teaspoon of sugar... When you see it, say it... We all know the "best practices" but do we really practice? You will find a a leader that encouraging and reminding will transform your organization. When we know the outcome either celebrate it or provide focused direction and a reminder that your team has your trust.

o   Question to ask yourself: Does rewarding past behavior really promote more desirable future behavior?

Additional Thought: When people feel that metrics and walls shape their daily duties and interactions then they are not challenged to look for THEIR personal best. Question to ask yourself: Does people striving for their personal best really deliver the personal best for the organization?

Good luck out there starting FIRES!!!!