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Our Goal

identify, invite, engage, listen, deliver

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Cannon Clay Creative's modus operandi is helping you to become merchant minded. We will help you to define your ecosystem, your available resources, your goals, and  your desired results. We then move to strategy development and plan implementation.


Times are a changing...

If you are over 50 then you likely remember business before email, over 40 and you probably sent reports via dial-up, over 30 and you remember business before smart phones, over 20… well you have the technology leg up on many of us. The previous statement was at the core of our founding ideology. We have witnessed the evolution of technology and the changes that were ushered in through “computers”. There is no longer a delineation between “digital” and “physical” strategies. It is no longer sufficient to simply have a website and a Facebook page. 

You must engage the world we live in... BUT, you cannot forget the age old principles.


What we offer


Creative Services 


Multimedia Production


Strategy Development 


The critical path to identify, invite, engage, listen, and deliver   


1. Merchant Minded

Analyze target market and current demographic

Visualize brand presence and brand relevance in the market

Competitive analysis

Review supply chain and available resources

Marketing and Media audit

Strength of message

Growth potential of the market


2. Strategy Development 

Define target demographic and expectations

Determine how, when, and where to reach them

Identify the resources needed

Determine both short and long term goals

Develop a tactical plan 

Define roles and responsibilities and identify agents


3. ME2

This is the stage to mobilize, energize, and evangelize.

Determine the most effective method of messaging

Development of a message and content delivery plan

Develop message and content

Deployment of message and content

Measure results

Manipulate and continue



4. Staying Authentic

You build your legacy by building your brand

Constantly compare who you are to who you say you are 

Measure acceptance, question target market before you question yourself

Adapt method not message (unless you were off base)

Reputation matters

Attack crisis

Identify influencers that are true to your brand, engage them

Remember complicated doesn't mean better


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